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Content has a clear role in the marketing process. It must aid the customer journey by moving readers from one stage of awareness to the next until they become leads. In other words, content develops leads.


If your content is going to fulfill its duty—to turn readers into leads—people need to actually read it. So how can you write content that people will read?


*From Reads To Leads* teaches 11 principles that define how a content writer writes every draft. Applying these principles to your writing will help you grab the right person’s attention, get your message across, and move your reader down the marketing funnel.

The book comes with 40 writing exercises to each chapter to help you learn and practice several writing rules that will help you focus on writing content that makes readers act instead of writing content that sits on a server and gathers dust.

You'll discover:

  • How to understand what your readers need and how to write content that appeals to them
  • How to get the desired response from your readers and move them down the marketing funnel
  • How to figure out and communicate your key message and how to use it to take readers to the next stage of their journey
  • How to creatively turn your content into a story with a three-act structure
  • How to write an outline that focuses your writing and kills your procrastination
  • What makes writing clear and simple
  • How to express your brand’s personality and make your writing recognizable
  • What makes content readable, and how to get your readers to stay with you till the end
  • The writer’s role in the content writing process, and how you should approach content collaborations
  • How you should react when your work is ripped to shreds

From Reads to Leads is a true roadmap to succeeding with content for copywriters, content writers, marketing managers, and entrepreneurs curious why they're not making as many leads with their content as they know they should.


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From Reads to Leads: 11 Principles of Writing Contenе, – Kateryna Abrosymova

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