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User Experience Researcher

Kyiv, Ukraine



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29 травня 2024 р.

We at MacPaw are looking for a UX Researcher to join our growing team!

We're passionate about user experience (UX) and how people interact with our products. We go beyond traditional research, fostering a culture of UX maturity and tackling unique projects that range from user studies to educational content and even explainer videos.

This is a role for someone who thrives in a dynamic environment. Our UX strategy is still evolving, which means you'll have the freedom to experiment, invent new research methods, and turn complex data into actionable insights. We value self-starting, creativity, problem-solving, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

This role is a great fit for a UX specialist with a design background and mindset. You'll be comfortable creating processes, conducting thorough research, and finding order within complex data sets.

In this role, you will:
  • Constantly analyse key product flows and product development aspects, including design, usability, functionality, and branding. Provide relevant research data to help teams improve product UX

  • Design, organize, and execute various UX research (interviews, product usability testing, internal evaluations, other user surveys, etc.), gather internal/external teams (designers, researchers, analysts, interviewers, etc.) to validate product hypothesis and updates before production

  • Make and conduct presentations on the results to internal stakeholders (product teams, designers, etc.)

  • Create and maintain updated UX research documentation, reports, and user flow maps. Support internal teams while improving product design processes, provide consultations, and help resolve issues to ensure consistency in UX design

  • Be a proactive UX Advocate and amplify the voice of the user in the company

Skills you’ll need to bring:
  • 3+ years of work experience in UX research

  • 1+ year of work experience in product design

  • Experience in running research, testing design solutions, and being familiar with different methodologies (quality and quantitative, from conducting to delivering insights) 

  • Experience in creating UX documentation

  • Knowledge of UX Metrics 

  • Advanced English 

  • Knowing Human Interface Guidelines 

  • Experience in the fast creation of clickable prototypes 

  • Presentation skills

  • Proactivity, self-organization, innovation

  • UX Advocacy

  • Implacable communication skills, ability to clearly communicate research findings and UX value to different stakeholders

As a plus:
  • A good portfolio of past designs 

  • Experience with measuring UX metrics

  • Experience in organizing workshops, facilitating brainstorms

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